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"The flowers were absolutely fine, as always, although only the day before I was told the requested colour of the flowers was not available. The date of delivery was unfortunately not the one supposed, but that might be due to restrictions related to COVID pandemia. Finally, I requested a bottle of wine, which I expected to be of better quality. As a whole, I am satisfied and, more importantly, the person who received the flowers was absolutely enthusiastic of the flowers. Thanks!"
Guido - MAY-25-2020
Daniel - MAY-25-2020
Yenifer - MAY-24-2020
"Excelente servicio. Y el tiempo de entrega fue perfecto . Gracias !! "
Bryan - MAY-23-2020
"Thank you for doing such an amazing job, you guys are spectacular I will also recommend you guys to anyone. Thank you "
Tammy - MAY-22-2020
Windys - MAY-21-2020
Estefany - MAY-21-2020
Windys - MAY-20-2020
"Muchas gracias tienen un buen servicio así quería las flores bellas."
Heidirys - MAY-20-2020
"Gracias por buen servicio "
Ramon - MAY-20-2020

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